From the streets of China to Pineapple Grove, Delray Goodies offers jianbing

A textural, flavorful mouthful can be found in an assuming storefront eatery just a short walk from Delray Beach’s Atlantic Avenue.

Making Jianbing at Delray Goodies

Have you ever eaten a Jianbing? I never did, until I stopped in for lunch recently at the newly opened Delray Goodies in Pineapple Grove. I’m glad I did.

What a Jianbing? It’s one of China’s most popular street foods, largely eaten at breakfast, and a well-kept culinary secret. It’s a savory, crisp-fried crêpe with sharply contrasting flavors and textures. Fresh-cracked eggs are spread over the surface of a four-grain flour pancake as it cooks and then topped with crunchy puffed strips of a wonton cracker and a melange of grassy cilantro, scallions, and tangy pickles. Finally,before it’s folded it gets a sweet and spicy layer of hoisin and chili sauces. Each crepe is cooked fresh to order on a circular cast-iron grill and served in a paper tray,

Jianbing is said to have originated in Shandong Province on China’s east Cost, during the Three Kingdoms Period (220–280 AD.

The jianbing at Delray Goodies was a delightful discovery with its mix of flavors and textures (it is available with a variety of proteins at extra cost), but so was its cousin, Jdan bing, a scallion pancake that’s been spiced up.  It, too, is a popular Chinese breakfast street food made with a thinly rolled dough and egg fried together and then slathered with herbs, sweet bean sauce, chili bean sauce, and chili oil. Each, without protein is $5.99.

Delray Goodies is easily overlooked with an unassuming little storefront. It has no sign above its door and has just one table inside and three on the sidewalk. Delray Goodies also offers dumplings, rolled ice cream, bubble teas and other sweet drinks. The young gents behind the counter are friendly and helpful.

Jdan bing


Delray Goodies

Unfortunately, unless you’re a late riser, you can’t have these crepes for breakfast since Delray Goodies does’t open its doors until 11 a.m.

Too full from the two crepes, I didn’t try the laboriously processed rolled ice cream in which flavor agents, such as fruits, are chopped into a vanilla-ish ice cream base atop a cold slab and then cut into four lines, rolled up and placed into a paper cup. Regrettably, as I am not fan of bubble tea, a sweetened, flavored tea beverage filled with tapioca balls. I passed on that as well.

Still, I’ll be back for those savory crepes.

Delray Goodies

155 Ne 4th Ave., Delray Beach, FL 33483

(561) 562-2568

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