A Brooklyn transplant with pizza in his blood now tossing dough in West Delray Beach


Angelo’s New York pie (photo from Facebook)

The New York-style pizza made by Angelo Vaccarella of Angelo’s Pizza & RIstorante in West Delray Beach is some of the best in the region

Angelo Vaccarella says he’s got pizza in his blood.

Vaccarella, who was born in Italy, grew up just two blocks away from the famous Brooklyn, NY pizzeria, L&B Spumoni Gardens. He got into the pizza business some 50 years ago at the age of 12, delivering pies for an uncle who owned Luigi’s Pizza on Avenue U in Brooklyn. Vaccarella went on to own pizza shops and restaurants around New York City and Long Island, before moving some 20 years ago to Delray Beach.

Angelo Vaccarella

Now, Vaccarella, who has been a real estate broker since arriving in Florida, is tossing dough again in a small shop in a lonely strip center on State Road 7 (441), about a mile and quarter south of West Atlantic Avenue. Patrons of his shop, Angelo’s Pizzeria & Ristorante, can feast on some of the best New York-style pizza in South Florida.

“You have to have the right ingredients to make good pizza,” he told me, after I sampled a slice of his traditional pie.

Sicilian (square) slice

New York-style slice

That slice ($3) had a crispy bottom and a crust that was chewy on the inside with a nicely balanced sauce – a good pizza sauce is simple and never sweet—and just the right amount of cheese. It was foldable and drooped just a tad. I couldn’t think about anything else for a day. I had to return just to try Angelo’s Sicilian pizza, or a “square” in Brooklyn parlance. The square—I got a corner piece, which in my mind is the best—wasn’t too shabby. A $3 slab of moderately dense, bready dough with a firm, oily crust that was smothered by sauce and  a blanket of mozzarella. I sprinkled a bit of oregano and dried pepper on my slice just to jazz it up a bit.  I found out later that Angelo makes an L&B style pie, where the sauce sits atop the cheese. Something to try in the future.

Angelo’s is in a lonel strip center on SR7

Angelo’s, which opened in October 2018, occupies a small, tidy space in a strip center shared with a Dunkin Donuts and two other stores. It’s a busy place with just a small counter and a half dozen tables where black-clad, friendly servers wait on patrons who choose to dine in.

Besides pizza, Angelo’s has a broad menu filled with the usual Italian-American specialities: baked pasta, veal and chicken dishes as well as calzones and salads.  Angelo’s also offers wine and beer. All that’s missing is Italian ices.

Veal Parmigiana

Chicken Française

We sampled a couple of entrees. They were less successful than the pizza. Veal parmigiana ($21) — two slices of crispy coated meats covered in melted cheese and red sauce, was a bit fibrous, but the accompanying pasta was bathed in a robust red sauce. Alas, there was a pool of water beneath the spaghetti. Chicken Française ($20) was tender, but the accompanying lemon-butter sauce was way too watery.

That’s okay. I’ll come back for the pizza any day.

Angelo’s Pizzeria & Ristorante

16145 S. State Rd. 7 

Delray Beach, FL 33446


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  1. Bruce glazer says:

    The very best pizza and dinners. Robyn and I have come to this restaurant since they opened

  2. Alfred Gorlick says:

    Which is better, Angelo’s or Conte’s?

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